Travel Insurance

Is travel insurance right for you? Hundreds of millions of travelers ask themselves this question each year. And one in three jetsetters now opt in for travel insurance.1 But before you can answer this question for yourself, you need to equip yourself with some knowledge, including what exactly travel insurance actually is, what the benefits […]

Best couples’ getaway spots in Costa Rica

All couples search for that perfect secluded spot where they can spend a quiet weekend away from the day to day routine, Costa Rica is certainly the perfect place to rekindle romance, but with so many different alternatives we figured it’d be a good idea to give you some suggestions, mountain or beach, you’ll certainly […]

Airport Security

The one thing you never want to see on your boarding pass  “My Personal Story” WHILE planning a recent trip to Costa Rica from Florida, with Spirit Airlines I purchased my ticket online like always as I go there with the same airlines every 6 months. When it became 24 hours before I was departing from the […]

Vacation Planning: Get Organized For Travel

  Summertime is here and with it comes the season of traveling. More people travel and take vacations during the summer, and with these trips comes the stress and headaches of planning, remembering, and packing. If you are taking the trip as a family it can be even more complicated. Taking the time to get […]

Planning Your Vacation With Daily Tours

I hope that by sharing my personal experiences, you will avoid learning similar lessons the hard way. And it goes to show that those little details in the planning of a vacation and tours you go on can make a huge difference in the outcome. You can make your next vacation relaxing and enjoyable by […]

Safe Travels – 11 Travel Tips!

When traveling many things can and do go wrong. Following a few simple rules could help prevent many of those problems fellow travelers encounter on the road. Problems that could mean you spend time: · At the police station filling reports. · Locked in your hotel room, scared it will happen again. · Leaving with […]

Creative Packing Tips – Having Room in Your Suitcase

Whenever you travel or wherever you go that requires you to carry a suitcase, it helps to know several creative packing tips. Listed below are ideas for having room in your suitcase. 1. Use a contact lens case with two separate screw-on lids for those creams, lotions, salves, or hair gel that you only need […]