Creative Packing Tips – Having Room in Your Suitcase

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2348928151_e6bd4e579d_zWhenever you travel or wherever you go that requires you to carry a suitcase, it helps to know several creative packing tips. Listed below are ideas for having room in your suitcase.

1. Use a contact lens case with two separate screw-on lids for those creams, lotions, salves, or hair gel that you only need a small amount or dab of during your trip. The quantity that you will store in each little section will last you for one week. The bonus is that besides taking up very little room, nothing leaks out of the contact lens case.

2. For a homemade first aid travel kit, use a sandwich bag size zip lock plastic bag to store such items as Band-Aids, travel packets of Advil, Imodium, and Neosporin, nail clippers, medications for pain, anxiety, nausea or sleep aids, safety pins, and tweezers.

3. Duct tape is an invaluable travel item. It repairs broken zippers on clothes and luggage, acts as a lint brush, helps to hem slacks and skirts (if you iron it on it melts and permanently bonds the fabric pieces together. Duct tape can also repair broken glasses or sunglasses. Best of all, if the hinges on the cover to your laptop computer get broken, you can use duct tape as two angled straps to hold the screen in place while you type.

4. Carry a trash bag or two inside your luggage. It comes in handy for putting your soiled laundry in while your travel. It also serves as a great carry-all for things you want to ship back home or stuff inside your carry-on.

5. To prevent liquids such as toiletries, mouthwash, or shampoo from accidentally exploding during travel or having the top come off, pack liquid items into zipped plastic bags that are normally for storing food in the freezer. The plastic on freezer bags is much stronger than quart-sized or sandwich-sized bags. These bags easily slip inside your shoes or a side pocket in your suitcase.

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